Farid Placer-X

Farid Placer-X Van has extra long wheelbase of 3720mm with optional 10-18 seats creates larger passenger space to meet various

requirements during busines or travel trip

Malaysia Farid Placer-X van models has a capacity of 10-18 seats. Each has a brief design of dashboard with tiltable

steering wheel, double plasma air cleaners and double rear evaporators.

Farid Placer-X van is China’s High-End Van, using 2.5L DK4 Diesel Engine with BOSCH CRDi Intercooler Euro III/IV Emission developed by Toyota Engineering Technology.

It is uniquely designed with its spacious interior, comfortable seats and high-roofing that makes each riding experience truly comfortable and satisfaction guaranteed.

In the Malaysia, Win Hong Auto, is the distributor of these high-end vans.
Heightened slide door and widened side step makes two persons simultaneously enter and exit vehicle more quickly.
Side window glasses specializes in locking UV light. You can
choose sliding mosaic window. Both sides have two.
The unique expression of business and flexibility are realized by the perfect balance of quadrate headlamps and rounded foglamps.
Choose among Fabric or Leather Standard seats, Aero seats, Business (Captain) seat, Luxury seats or VIP seats.

Last row can be Hanging seat for flexible space.
Adjustable steering wheel and sliding forward and backward driver seat offer comfortable driving.
Passenger comfort is assured by roof-level air condition vents. Roof plasma air cleaner keeps cabin air fresh.

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